Thinking ahead doesn't look to good for a average patriotic  USA citizen!                                                                                    Basics for democracy are slipping away.                                          Open borders for years. Welfare of the illegal's is more important than of a citizen.                                                                                Social Security supposed to be a Fund!                                           Printing money is on full overtime.                                                      New laws every working day, etc...                                                   Politicians, big business, the bureaucrats most of them have no discipline, no responsibility, no common sense, no respect.              And very little love for the homeland, if any!                                      What a bunch.                                                                                     To get away for awhile, lets do a Tango.                                                                                                                                                  Try to sing again and if you have partner , even better.                    The say, it takes two to tango!                                              

140 millions  for these!

  The lovers tango.
    A. K. Aloel
               You asked me how we fell in love so suddenly,                                   it happened in a cafe by the river side,                  we never knew that love can come so suddenly,                  it happened when the tango begun,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The night in the cafe was only beginning,                           at the end of the tango to the river we walked,                    there in a moonlight we were kissing and loving,                   and there we saw the day in a morning glow.                                                           It was that tango the lovers tango,                    that made us lovers so suddenly,                   and when we tango to the lovers tango,                     then the night by the river returns once more.                                                                                                                                      
​Repeat the last verse, after 36 second music only
                                                                                                                                I hope you did sing and did the tango!                     I sing, if nobody around.                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Very romantic, but back to the salt mine.                                                                                             People talk to much and they are doing it much faster, especialy on TV and on the Radio.The bull has to get there quick and unbiased, of course.                                                                                            New high court judge! Somebody said, don't worry she can't be more left, than the one before. White men voted for her, because she knows best!                                                                                                             If you care to give a thought, white men have ruled the world least in the so called West, for centuries. They have done some good, but not because of the leadership or power and money crazy white's.                                                                                                       Elite, what ever that means, in Washington DC and in global business world, and a good bunch of them, would like to have USA, Canada and Mexico United. No wonder that those un-Americans are against the border control and pushing for Amnesty for at least 20 million illegal aliens. About that many good citizens are looking for a job.                                                                                             The Elite, most of them are still white, they won't be for long, if their big crazy dream comes true! One happy mixed family, the socialistic world government.                                                                            We will be all poor and even more, who is going to help who!        For a socialistic world government to stay in power, the result would be communism. Who said, sell them enough rope, they will hang  them self!                                                                                    Those in power and other crazies, they must think they live for ever or if they do go, the people will grieve and pay respect for them, for ever more. Except for the family maybe, they can call them self very lucky, if a stray dog at the cemetery will stop by their fancy head - stone and wet it.                                                                                                                         Truth is hard to take.                
    I hope you did sing and did the tango!                                                                                                  ,           I sing, if no one is around.  
​                    Lets relax for awhile and sing another song.                                                                                                                                  
Don't say no before you know me.
                                            A. K. Aloel
Too many words in many stories,                    so full of lies and meaningless,                      all the words unnecessary,                           when no lies in self served tales,                  how many times it's said I love you,            how many times it's said I do,                        many times it's just to fool you,                       many times, it's soon goodbye.                       So,                                                                  Don't say no, before you know me,               don't say yes before you do,                          time will tell there is tomorrow,                        don't say no before you do,                            take your time to get to know me,                   time will tell how much I care,                        what I say is what I shall do,                           don't say no before you know.                                                                       For example our politicians,                            most all of them are full hot air,                       anything to get elected,                                 vote for me then off my chair,                          or some judges and many juries,                    unelected the bureaucrats,                             corporate top executives,                               money first, the homeland last.                       So,                                                                   Don't say no before you know me,                  don't say yes before you do,                            time will tell there is tomorrow,                     don't say no before you do,                             take your time to get to know me,                   time will tell how much I care,                          what I say is what I shall do,                           don't say no before you know,                          no yes or no till you do,                                  no yes or no till you know,                             no yes or no till you do,                                   no yes or no till you know.                                     
Did you try to sing!  Amateurish, sure all website is.                     But it's in English, as good as I can.                                              All the years have gone past and millions of petitions signed by the citizens in the meantime to the Congress and to the Presidents to make the English official language of the USA.       No good, the Congress has not voted on it, with is nothing new!  That's a shame, more like very stupid.

​About the amateurish experts, they receive a trillon dollars or more and they just blow it again. Instead of building some new Industry and not export what's left of Industry!                              If they say they are not amateurs, then they must be a bunch of professional crooks.                                                                    Federal Reserve has to go , it's not Federal.                                Sales tax and no IRS.                                                                   Lets hope the amateurish Czars and the Great will wake up in Washington DC and turn into a bright hard working American Patriots!                                                                                       That will be the day.  Till next time.                                                                                                     The Czars and the Great are not doing so good the coming big Change doesn't feel so healthy, not even close!                         Something nice, the world it's beautiful, natural and so are the animals. People are natural when they are born, but even the nice folks will change least a little, because the others.               There are plenty of others and they are pushing their nonsense and you better believe it! Some even believe and follow Karl Marx, a man if you can call him that, who never worked a day in his life and lived like a Parasite.                                                   You can thank or blame the leaders in banking, big business and the Government for working people starting to look up to or think about Socialism!                                                                  People are different, the socialism won't work, the same about capitalism, if without consideration!                                               The world is getting overpopulated, we be one of the first .        Amnesty for 20 million or more illegals aliens, work visas, open borders, lottery and then the relatives, we be in trouble before long. We sure could use a new Party, Democrats or Republicans, they don't even defend our borders, in a simple language, it's treason. Instead their Elites for some crazy reason or excuse, they get involved in foreign countries in so called civil  wars, or just in plain infighting between some power crazies over there.                                                                                                       The same time invasion to USA has been going on for 40  years or more. Changed demographically already. Good men and women getting killed or maimed for life in foreign countries, plus the cost!                                                                                                                   USA helped communist Russia to win and occupy a good part  of Europe, in the second world war, it was a stupid mistake. Now we had the Empire Building lid in red and yellow to celebrate 60 years of communist murderous regime in Red   China. They maybe own the Building?                                         The world is beautiful , but to many misfits on it and it's growing.  What about we sing another song, a man and a woman in love.   Lets hope it shall last!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
        The time goes fast.
                           A. K. Aloel
The time goes fast, fast fast,     when I'm with you, with you,      a hour is gone, gone gone,       like in minutes two, two two,      you said to me, to me,               you feel the same, like me,       lets stay a hour, or more,          together you and me.                                                   If this is love,love love,            when time goes fast, fast fast,   it must be love, we have,          the time goes fast, too fast,        if this is love, love love,   -          I hope it'll last, will last,  together I and you,     forever we in love.    Forever we in love, in love.                                      -           
Repeat at the end of the song.    
             At the end -
 - the last verse.
   First time sing, music, sing.                                                       Thanks.                                                                                                                         
Time goes fast, winter is on the way this side of the world.       Health insurance it's healthy to have in the winter or in the summer. I suppose, another screw up is coming soon from Washington, this time it's the health insurance.                         Government should stay away from it, except helping hard up citizen to pay for the health insurance.                                    Some control yes, like a independent commission with real power.How about two un-paid volunteer citizen with paid staff from each State, travel expenses covered. One elected State legislator and one elected Federal Representative or Senator. It's fair and cheap, considering the money that gets blown away. Just a thought!                                                                                                                                                         Talking to a fellow American, he said he is a Indian, American Indian a Native. There are the others, they call them self, Hispanic American, Latino American, Chicano American, Mexican American, Asian American, Oriental American, East- Asian American, African American etc.,                                       I suppose it's time to start calling European American!                I don't think they like that! I think they like to be called American, even if some so and so adds a strong word front     of it.                                                                                             Big Government is getting bigger, not a healthy sign.          Meantime groups of people are pushing for all kinds of undemocratic special rights and under the present Government, everything is possible.                                            In that case, a regular normal citizen can't say anymore a simple No, or I don't like it, or it's abnormal.                                                                                                                                      A song is coming next, for the children, but grown ups are welcome too. The name of the song :                                                                                                                                                       
       What's the name of our song!
           A. K. Aloel
​Driving on the Highway, the large road signs are advertising.   Putting America to work. Project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.                                               Filling pot holes, with borrowed money!                                    Instead should be road signs here and there saying, another   new Industrial Park opening soon. Many jobs, good wages with paid private health insurance etc.,                                 Apply now.  Plus, borrowed money will be returned with a fair interest in a short time.                                                           One can dream!                                                                    Our Socialist Government is going to tax us dead to take what's left.                                                                         30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, I thought he said troops coming home, when he was a candidate! No real plan again, either you fight to win or get out. What ever plans president Obama has, does not look healthy for America.                       Lou Dobbs, left Fox News Channel, new interest being a politician and he is talking like one already. Many disappointed folks around. Must have been all talk.                                      Dollar value going down and debt is growing. We haven't had any right people running the show in Washington DC for many years and it's getting worst. Nobody to vote again, very few good men or women are stepping in. To stay independent, a candidate has to be nowadays, to be least a multimillionaire and this is another example why so many bad apples are in the Government. To stay clean money from folks yes, but not from Corporate or Organizations and Associations. Nothing from foreign countries.                                                                                                                                                               Christmas time is here again and soon will be a New Year.      So much to wish and hope, that everything will turn to better.                                                                                                      I wish you a nice Christmas and a healthy lucky New Year.                  Another song to sing at Christmas time.                                                                                            
Words by Les Locke                                               Music by A. K. Aloel
I love the the songs of Christmas,             that are sung this time each year,               I love the sounds of Christmas,                  that ring out so loud and clear.                                                                    I love the happy greetings,                         that are send by me and all,                       I love the pretty Holly,                                 that is seen one every wall.                                                            I hear the happy children,                          playing joyly 'round their tree,                     I hope that Santa Claus will bring,              someone like you to me.                                                                                              I've heard that age old saying,                    peace on hearth good will to men,             the songs and sounds of Christmas,          will repeat themselves again.  
  -- Third time            repeat at the End.      ---    
Sing, then music a minute, then sing again. As long you sing, good luck, Thanks.  
      Year 2010, time goes fast!                                                                                    

We are here to learn to sing,                                            lets pick some songs we like to sing,                                   we can't agree what song to sing,                                   we have to sing our own made song.                                                                                          So many tunes and many songs,                              there's seven full and five half notes,                                  go high or low past the seven notes,                                  if we have the voice to go up or down.                                                                                    It's fun no worries we are doing very well,                       we are singing already our own composed song,           the higher or lower we must be sounding well,               the neighbors are knocking on the walls and the door,  lets invade them in and ask them to join,                          to singing our song,what's the name of our song,       that's the name of our song, yes the name of our song, What's the name of our song, that's the name of our song, ah ah ah ah hooray hooray,  
lets sing the song from the start again.                                We are singing our song, hooray.  -    At the End.                                         
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The songs and sounds of Christmas.