Foothills in the winter.
           As long as the sun comes up.
                 Stay home if you can.
  Moose family taking a walk.
       Romantic Romance.
    A .K. Aloel

 First  snow and first Snowman.
Moose family taking a walk.
It's 2016, pot smoking is legal for two years now in Colorado. There are some celebrations going on, marijuana is becoming a part of culture in Colorado, so they say, I hope not! Making sure of that, is the Denver Post, the pot itself. The adviser, the advertiser and propagandist for pot smoking and cannabis industry. State and local Governments don't complain more tax money to blow, never mind the future.
President Obama speedingup the executive actions a year to go, maybe not! Dinos and Rinos the one and only party in D.C. signed a blank check by the so called Omnibus spending bill, so they and the president can spend the money we don't have, on nothing good. Nothing changed, thanks to another Rino Paul Ryan the Speaker of the House. If we had a trustworthy and patriotic citizens leading the Main Media, we'll be doing OK. For years now the Media most of it have been helping, ( it's their homeland too), USA becoming a unconstitutional undemocratlic Country. Not far of being very poor, morally poor, drug rich and  a mixed up overpopulated country under the control of One- World communistic regime. The dream of a lacy and cracy Karl Marx.
State of the Union address president Obama was saying that there are things yet to do and in 7 years he has done a good job(demolishing and demoralizing,) America. Most of the audience gave a standing applause what ever a anti-American Muslim president was telling them. To a mentally disturb person, it's excusable, if not, how low one can get.                                     Super Bowl 50 Champs the Broncos, the Rally the Victory Parade in Denver a Broncomania. More than a million Bronco fans on Tuesday celebrated their team's Super Bowl win. School kids skip out of schools, young and old going wild. Would be nice if the very loyal and enthusiastic crowd would show up at the Independence Rally and Parade, comes summer!  

Abolish Draft the selective Service, another stupid mistake coming  from the Congress. The cost 24 million a year, don't tell me they worry about that.Two from the four who introduced the legislation are from Colorado. Rep. R. Mike Coffman a Cino, calls himself a conservative. Rep. D. Jared Polis calls himself homo-sexual, says women have to be included if we keep Draft. In a long and heavy casualty war to have some women and men left for next generation, you need women at home. Comes handy also if Rep. Polis is in need of a new partner. ( One can always join in the armed forces by volunteering.)
Another Debate between treacherous Hillary Clinton and communist Bernie Sanders. The hole we are in now will be for good, if one of the two becomes president. Trump, Cruz doing fine and so Rubio a Cino, getting help from R. Establishment. Rubio is out least for now! Trump and Cruz are doing some under belt hits, nothing new now days. I have done everything    (nothing good to brag) John Kasich is sticking around. Hillary should be now behind the bars if we had somebody else than former Eric Holder or now Loretta Lynch leading the Justice Department.

​President Obama trip to communist Cuba had a rainy arrival day and the Pino was ignored the same day by communist Raul Castro the brother of communist mass murderer Fidel Castro. Like in communist China after president Nixon (the Cino) visit there, the communist stayed in power and even much better off than before. Regular people in China got more busy a small pay rise, here we lost jobs no pay rise and living on borrowed money, including  from communist China. Helping communist Cuba, by exporting to Cuba what's left of our Industry, to make sure we will lose the shirt from our back, made in China.
Busy Obama meantime the racist himself, is planning to change a white face on a 20 dollar bill with a dark one, how about a new dollar bill, not interested, not aggravating enough.          Supreme Court Justice A. Scalia was buried fast, no check up why he left this world, they still investigating why Rock Star Prince is not around anymore. Looks like Trump or Hillary for President, if we had a Justice Department and a Supreme Court, Hillary would be behind bars. Thanks to the Senate, we don't have much left of our Constitution in any Department.                 Lynch in Carolina making sure men can use women and girls bathrooms, instead as Attorney General should be making sure Hillary and her likes are least in Courtrooms. Bernie Sanders is still in, he talks like a communist, he is communist and looks like one. He calls himself a socialist most of the times.
President Obama taking money from Medicare to help to pay for the cost of Obamacare like the Medicare had a surplus. Social Security would have had a surplus like 3 trillion dollars, but our so called honorary Congress and under oath stealing money from working and retired citizens since 1968. Makes one wonder have they kept a room full of I owe you notes for future history in case if we shall have one! It's Ok'd by our Un-Constitutional Supreme Court, no more Social Security Checks for old folks, if it pleases the Congress and you can use tax payers money for women to have abortions. Many citizens are using democracy to destroy democracy, a tiny example, you are using democracy, when not voting. Under communism you better vote(one party) or you be a sorry lot. The Denver Post yesterday, housing is very expensive in Denver. Today front page, musicians moving to Denver for the music scene and Affordable housing. Colorado has been going liberal and more for some years now and easily available Pot has helped to grow the mix up population.
How about a song, a little romance a tango. 
No law Hillary, is flying high, like  the wicked do, it's time for the Rino Establishment to wake up and join Trump, least don't run him down, lets keep America. So it's Hillary Clinton and Ronald Trump, doesn't look like that one of them (Hillary) is getting locked up, like it should be. The bunch in D.C., has gone so deep in a dump, one crook defends the other, no wonder most of them learnt the law. The Constitution, Democracy and the word Treason, doesn't ring a bell anymore, including also for many regular citizens. FBI Director James Comey, helping the crooks get away, no help from CIA Director John Brennan, a Muslim supported communism and voted for one.  Some so called ISIS are advisers in the Capital and White buildings. President Obama keeps signing away America supported by Dinos and Rinos. Tea Party members, they have been working hard, time and money helping Conservatives to get elected, but most of them turn out to be Cinos, (conservatives in name only). Tea Party folks should start a new Party under the same name or new and a Party with a written Constitution. Members and Candidates can't become something like Rinos, Dinos, or Cinos. Never to late to save America, whatever it takes to get there.     Use your head and vote for Donald Trump, least we have USA for another 4 years. It's getting worst all around, the best in the West like Sheriff Joe Arpaio is in trouble with some make up law from the Un-American Federal Justice Department. Why, because he is following the Written Law and carrying out.

Front page the Denver Post, FBI revisits e-mail inquiry, couldn't be more softer said, but why not! It's Hillary Clinton the first crooked Lady in the White House and now the First Lady as one of the first crooked and treacherous grandmother to be elected to be President. If there are enough mixed up citizens and illegal voters, it can happen. Thanks to the un-American Main Media and the Rinos, Dinos and Cinos, it couldn't be more disgusting.                                                                                                   Donald J. Trump made it, lets hope he will and can do some good. It's tough, many people are mentally not all there, many are missing  plain common sense and many just don't care, or they act like born today. Lot of younger folks are mixed, wrong advise from parents and from liberal schools. Mad at newly elected president Trump, in four years under president Trump we will be still a Democratic Country, vote for somebody else than. But do not vote for the type like Obama or Hillary Clinton, we'll be finished as a Independent Country and under the control of something like One World Communist Government. Try to get out of that.                                                                                    How about a song, a little romance a tango.
      A. K. Aloel
You say  I'm not romantic, romantic for you,      you would have a romance, romance with me,                If I was more romantic, romantic to you,                           we could have a romance, romantic romance.                                                                                      How can I be romantic, romantic romantic,                      if I don't have a romance, to be romantic,                        you only kiss my cheek, instead a kiss to lip,                   we walk you never close, to feel a touch of hip,               it takes two to tango, dad and mom agreed,                     we should learn to tango, and stay on two way street.        Instrumental - Music only, 16 seconds.                     You say I'm not romantic, romantic for you,                      I could become romantic, a little help from you,               no kissing on the cheek, hot kiss and lip to lip,                we walk hand in hand, to feel the touch of hips,               it should begin a feeling, leading to a romance,               you and me together, in romantic romance,                     romantic romantic, romantic romance.                                                                                     Have a nice Thanksgiving Day.   
        Romantic Romance.
Fidel Castro died in bed a mass murderer taking the little freedom we have now days away from his own people and was buried with a fanfare and he is not the only one. Stalin, Mao and many others in history guilty of millions of people killed, billion and more have lived under misery. They all had plenty help, to do the dirty work. Communist Vladimir Putin former higher up dirty worker for the communist regime, now a Russia president. Walks red carpet in D.C., good chance will die in bed, figure that out!                                                                     Election hacking for Donald Trump from Media, much better candidate to deserve that would be Hillary Clinton, one world no homeland, it's me Hillary and I make my own democracy, like sick Karl Marx bad dream.                                          Have a nice Christmas. little late, but better than never.                                     
​President Obama and his backers from way back are busy, 20 days to do more damage to our Country, it won't be that easy after. If we don't have a change in the Rino Establishment, like new Leaders in the House and in the Senate, then it's only what president Trump can do some good for the Country. It's a lot, considering how much damage president Obama did on his own, of course he did get help from the Dinos, Rinos and Cinos.                                                                                         Lets hope in the New Year citizens still sleeping, shall wake up with plenty of common sense!                                                    Have a nice and happy New Year and lots of Luck.