​Time flies 2014, something to do with age!                                           State of Colorado has a new recreation added to the skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting etc., it's called recreational-marijuana, a high taxed recreational business. Denver will have pot stores all around and no shortage anywhere else, open for 21 years old to the grave, to some pot users a early one! No jail time anymore for 18-20 years young getting caught  for smoking pot, but fines stay, the growing income for the State. Free advertisement from the Media has been going on for some time for the cannabis business. In The Denver Post many front page articles about the new recreation in Colorado, more supporting than against. Being a good journalist one has to double check everything, so then the writings were or are written while feeling high or more correctly, stoned.                                                                      Spending more than taking in, 1.1 trillion spending bill passes Senate Dinos, Rinos 72- Dem. Rep. 26. The House voted earlier the same story 359-67, deeper into the black hole.                                              Miracle must happen in Washington DC to stop the Amnesty for illegal aliens, because the un-American Corporations are extremely short of workers. No new Manufacturing and Industry in sight and actually less of it, than it was a while ago.                                            In Media and in Denver Post, Quarterback Peyton Manning and Broncos are to Super Bowl, nothing more important in this life! Mostly advertisement and few articles in one of the article president Obama says pot is like alcohol he has tried all, no wonder we are going down the hill.                                                                                                  Blank check for president Obama to spend, from Dinos and Rinos in the Congress to one who knows how to get rid of it and fast. Debt hike, no debt limit another Trillion in no time, vine and roses all the way. The Dinos and the Pino should officially thank you the Rino Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. John Boehner. As long as the   money printing system holds up, this is something I bet they take good care of it.  50 billion for Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, it's not much compared to a Trillion that will give 20 Sochi Olympics.              Our young people doing a good job in Sochi winning Metals, all the training hard work and will power that goes with it! Good luck to them.                                                                                                    Congress to impeach Obama, they are talking about it, but lacking leadership to do that. Dinos and Rinos are in majority so nothing sensible, shall not be done. Fighters like attorney Larry Klayman who founded Freedom Watch, another case about Obama eligibility is still alive in State of Alabama High Court and so is National Security Agency to spy on Americans, remains on the docket.                          Another fighter attorney Orly Taitz is trying to get to the truth about Obama, finding a judge in America, who would live up to the Oath!     The Denver Post, in the every day advertisement for the Pot drug, so happy to announce the green is rolling in, taxes from the Pot sales. From $103.5 million, $85.9 million be spend on youth prevention and substance abuse treatment. If no change in the Government and with people, no wake up, the same sex marriage adopting children and other un-naturals will be called officially normal!  Very small sick minority taking over large majority. The same is going on in Ukraine,a sick minority the communist, are doing anything to stay in power, or to come to power. Except the majority is fighting to change that for better. Ukraine president Victor Yanukovych not a Ukraine and a communist, should be locked up for his crimes.                                    Ukraine's had and have hard times, not much support from our Government, would be some help for sure, if the protesters belong to Muslim brotherhood. In Florida, the Appeals Court approved Islamic Law in American Court!                                                                         Ukraine, with wheat-fields, right climate and good care can put a bread on a table in every household in all Europe. The Russians can't leave them alone and the same with the other neighbor Countries of Russia. It has been going on for centuries, but nothing like under communist, plain murder. Communist V. Putin well schooled KGB agent, now president of communist run Russia and considering a communist being a mentally sick person, you can except something crazy from them!                                                                                   From our liberal Supreme Court a new law, making it official, money will lead our Government. Forget sending 5-20 dollars to the Candidates if they are paid and locked in by pig bucks. All is a printed paper, but so far still works, how long it's a different matter.                 Meantime our Government is spending money 200 million every day, seven days a week, that we don't have!                                              Like the president Obama said he will have more flexibility after 2012 election, to sip away USA Sovereignty. It sure helped V. Putin to make his move in Ukraine, using Russian camouflaged soldiers as civilians and he is not done yet!                                                           It's more important to help a communist China Solar & Spy Inc., to   take the land for the project, than to help the Ranches, citizens of  USA to produce meat and make a living. Like the story goes, Senator Harry Reid and family have a personal interest in it too, that is believable it's not the first time. BML (Bureau of Land Management) well armed federal agents and well mechanized, were pretty close for a shootout against the U.S. citizens, who are getting sick of big unconstitutional Government. Situation is bad at present, not getting any better!                                                                                             Main Media is like the Denver Post, propagandist for anything liberal, including dope, homosexuality, socialism, even  communism, on the way and making a way to a big cesspool. If that's where it ends, they shall be there first and head first!                                                          It was called Global warming now it's called climate warming or change. The say the world is 4.5 billion years old or 6000 years old and records kept about Climate etc., is only 100 years, but they know it's warming, no stop. Anything to make money and they do, never mind that more unemployment, cost of living going up and more poor people.                                                                                                   U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya in Sep.11.2012 burnt down and 4 American citizens murdered including  Ambassador. Invasion of USA, no order from White House to defend our citizen and get the enemies. We haven't defend our borders over 40 years, but that was no excuse not to save the life of 4 American citizens. 20 month later we have now 7 Republican House members in select committee, to investigate Benghazi killing, lets hope they not Rinos! 5 Democrats or Dinos are not interested so far, like Hillary Clinton said who cares. When president Clinton was impeached by the House, there was some help from Democrats, (not all Dinos), but the Republican Senate leader T. Lott  being Rino already that time, didn't even try to take it up to get Clinton out of Office. So president W. Clinton had more time to chase women in the White House. The Senate now full of Dinos and Rinos and the Senate majority leader Reid a Dino and what else, very little chance to impeach the president a Pino.             The talking and info from the select Committee will help to wake up some more folks, if nothing else!                                                          Now, if the Mainstream Media would wake up also as the citizens of USA, that would be something, but it's not so.                                                                                                                                      Before a storm it's still and peaceful, so maybe time to sing a song!   For a girl I love.                                                                                                                                                                                      
                    Slippery all around, but if it's fun!

                           Spring is on the way!
        April                                                                      Showers!
      For a girl I love.
                A. K. Aloel
I found a rose, a beautiful rose,                                                 from thousand of the roses, one special rose,                          a rose no thorns, a fragrant rose,                                              no other rose could take the place of the special rose,                                                                                                  Now on my way, I'm on the way,    -                                          to take the rose and give the rose to a special girl,                     now on my way, I'm on my way,                                              one special rose the only one to a special girl,                         one special rose, to a special girl.                                             One special rose, for a girl I love.   -                                                                                                                                       I met a girl, a beautiful girl,                                                        from thousand of other girls, one special girl,                            she is so nice, a fragile girl,                                                       no other girl could take the place of the special girl.
At the end.
I hope you did, thanks.
President Obama is using flexibility that he promised to some if he is elected to a second term and so far nobody to stop him. Ukraine no trouble, who cares, not to Obama and his gang. Bothersome maybe that  somebody like Vladimir Putin and several other sick ones who have inspiration to be a United World leader also. Somebody who should know better said and others that Obama is incompetent, but not a word that he is doing it purposely to demolish and demoralize USA, incompetent or not! We have incompetent Congress and Judges, if not, what are they!                                                               Children and unaccompanied alien minors are invading America crossing the well controlled secure border like the president keeps saying. All that and more wouldn't have happened if the planned fence was build like it was promised. Congress did fund money for a start to build a solid double border fence, it ended before it really had a start. Disgusting, it's plain treason, not defending your Country. The money on the fence and security would be a fraction of the money blown away over the years just on illegal aliens. Trillions spend on anything stupid and crooked, but not on, to better the life of a regular working or unemployed citizen or on the Country itself, the USA.
Regular folks in Colorado are lucky to have a Attorney General John Suthers to defend the voter approved ban on gay marriage, but for the misfit un-American judges nearly any garbage abnormal is constitutional and anything normal and approved by voters is un-constitutional.                                                                                       Mexico our friendly neighbor is in Human trafficking including lot of trash. Like a border agent said, we are escorting illegal aliens into the Country, not escorting these illegals out of the Country. We are in trouble no buts about that, more enemies from within than from outside.                                                                                                  I haven't add any words for a while, hoping for some good news, something nice, good and normal goings in Washington DC, or any of our 50 States Offices, or some good news from other Countries.    We live in a nice world, considering everything it's amazing, but the people on the Planet and so many of them are trouble makers one way or another. Instead of building new mental hospitals, they have closed some, nobody is a nut anymore. If you don't believe in something, you can lose your head.                                                     One of the Jihads group Sisis and there are other groups joining them like Hamas, Boko, Brotherhood, ready to kill, if one doesn't believe in Shariah or what ever crazy they believe. We and other Westeners being over there fighting, but not finishing the job (nothing new) are in for more fight, that's how it looks!                                       Lot of people hurt and killed, homes, business property destroyed in Ukraine. Communist Russia president V. Putin and comrades doing it by the old way, forcefully because they are never welcomed any other way. Starting to Bolshewism the World, once a communist always a communist, sick mind beyond cure. America and Europe should help Ukrainians to save their freedom, if nothing else then least help them with modern U.S. war weapons, artillery, handhold missiles, guns, ammo what ever it takes and right now. Accompanied with a note, kill the enemies and save with your life the ammo not falling to the enemies. The Pentagon doesn't have a idea, who has    (terrorist who else) 40% or more our expensive war weapons in  Syria, Irag,  Afgahnistan and where else! It's going to be tough, president Obama has done his best the last few years to demoralize and dismantle our armed forces and he has some American Citizens helping him, treason is a lost word.                                             Estonia had already armed visitors from Russia, kidnapping a  Estonian in Estonia. The communist president of Russia Putin, has also a dream. If a sick man like Stalin could get rid off Hitler and was given half a Europe, why not me says Putin, I'm educated and sick, I could take the World!                                                                          Signing petitions since 1960 for English and not being the only one doing it, Congress is not interested. Most citizens would vote for English being the official language of USA, but like everything else if it's good for the Country, it's not getting done.                                     In the Denver Post, voting info in English and in Spanish and excited that homosexuals can get married, never mind that was voted No by the citizens. The officials and judges and others who are helping the homosexuals to marry and have the right to adopt children, are even more sick than homosexuals. A child growing up with so called two mothers or two fathers, if lucky, not getting hurt physically, will still have mental troubles throughout his or her life time.                           In a real Communist Country the Media is owned and run by Government, we have privately owned Media and run by Dino and Rino Government lead by a Pino, how stupid can you get!                 Middle term voting very close, who to vote, it has been a trouble for years. Very hard picking in Colorado, new Governor! Yes the new will be a little better. Fed. and State, Senate and House in my district are Dinos followers of the Pino, they have to go. The Rinos are little better on here and there, l hope, so there goes the vote. To keep the democracy one has to vote, even with a bad taste in a mouth and pain in, you know where!                                                                      One of the Amendment or Proposition to vote in Colorado Nov.4th., is labeling Genetically Modified Food, for consumer information marked GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). That should be a Yes vote, enough of modified this and modified that, it can not be healthy in the long run. Right now, the meat you pay in a food store, what ever way you cook the meat, it's nothing to brag about, hungry or not. GMO, don't give time for a pig or a cow to grow up slowly to a softy, fatty, tasty and good looking pink meat.                                                   You need a ID to vote in Texas, Dinos are complaining, they will miss some votes from so called minority, none citizens or double and triple voters. After years of waiting to come to America a legal immigrant after 5 years staying out of troubles, shall know enough English to apply for a USA citizenship. Once a citizen, good chance he or she will vote for a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or others, but not for a Dino, Rino or a Pino.                                                                    The Dinos are saying that the Rinos are only for the Capitalist-Capitalism and Dinos are for the little guys, but somehow at the election time they become Capitalist. Just in Colorado, Dinos are in the money double, triple and 5-6 times more to spend than Rinos! All that money can't be from the little guys, the Capitalists must be feeling sorry for the Dinos and forgetting to help their body Rinos. Bad luck for the Rinos, but they still have a chance to take the Senate! Some candidates are learning Spanish, hoping to pick up some legal or illegal votes, anything to get elected. All the energy to get elected and there it ends, till next time.                                        Rinos did also ok in Colorado, except Dino Gov. J. Hickenloopper  close call, but was reelected. Another 4 years putting up with a Flying Dutchman. Folks waking up a little, about president Obama and some crazy Dinos, lucky for Rinos and few real Republicans who got elected. It could turn for better if Rinos would vote for a new Speaker in the House, retire Rep. John Boehner  and somebody else than Mitch McConnell present minority leader in the Senate with a none Wimp, comes January!                                                                        President Obama is for the Amnesty for the illegal aliens and the hell with the citizens. Time again to sign executive orders, good or bad no time to waste.                                                                                                                Have a nice Thanksgiving.                                                                                                                                                                                House Speaker John Boehner a Rino is lining up with other Rinos and Dinos to work on Amnesty to11 million illegal aliens, the true number would be more like 20 million, 11 million was 15 years ago. The Un-American Corporations who took the manufacturing out of  U.S. are for the amnesty for the illegal aliens like we did not have unemployment and low wages already. Big Business and Federal Reserve lead by money and power sick people without any principle have bought out most of our Government. The same time even helping a Muslim an anti-American president to full fill his sick mind dream of breaking America into a communistic one world, under one Government run by Muslim.                                                                 The House funded Obama Care, so we have a bad mess! Now the House and the Senate funded president Obama unconstitutional executive decree for amnesty, starting off with 5 million illegal aliens who invaded us. So we have a mass, a mass of illegals in a near future overpopulating America with un-lawful, you name it!                 We helped communist Russia, communist North Vietnam, communist China and now it could be communist Cuba, if the Pino can get the Dinos and Rinos to fund it. Add North Korea to make the full circle. Endless treason is going on, using democracy to destroy it, what's   left of it                                                                                                                                                                                To all of you, have a nice Christmas and a lucky New Year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Click page 7 Thanks.