2015 another new year to be in this amazing World of ours! If it wasn't for so many crazy people one has to put up with, or even getting killed, the earth could be a wonderful place. Another year or two to put up with the Dinos and Rinos in the Capitol and a Pino in the White House. 
Lot of talk about president Obama's weakness about the attack in Paris or many other weaknesses of Obama is nonsense. He is anti-American and a Muslim, doing a good a tremendous job to help and enlarge the State of Extreme Muslim. The Pino is maybe not very smart, but smart enough to handle the un-American Congress, they don't deserve a better calling, except some! There were only 25 Republicans from the bunch of Rinos who tried to take the Gavel away from the Rino House Speaker John Boehner, that guy is definitely not from the fighting Irish origin. 
Like somebody said, Establishment is wrecking America. America was designed by Geniuses, run by Idiots. 
No fast track trade authority to Obama, he has done more than enough damage to America. 
Immigration Reform they talking about is nothing better than uncontrolled immigration. It's more than 100 years that (private) Federal Reserve has been in business and not controlled by our Congress. Private or not, it's time for Congress to make it right. To check and audit Federal Reserve yes or no is coming up soon, lets hope we have enough Democrats and Republicans to vote Yes. Yemen, another costly loss for America, result of a scheme made to fail. 

Invasion of USA by aliens is spreading no defence against invasion, welcomed by our un-American Government. 4-5 million illegal aliens for a start are going to served on silver plate. Multiply this least by 4, in matter of few years, most of them are a mix of anti-Americans, just being illegal, means no respect. There is plenty of space to add to that. In matter of time illegals now citizens with benefits right from a start working or not, will be helping to destroy our Constitution and Democracy to Socialism followed by Communism. 
We are losing our Country without firing a shot. The chance not to lose, if most of the Dinos, Rinos and Cinos in Congress get back to their senses and also remembering they are under Oath. Who wants to go down in history as an American traitor. 
No shortage also of traitors in the State Governments, in Business Corporations and of course in the Media. Right now it is the Congress and Supreme Court that counts and that doesn't look good too. New Senate leader Mitch McConnell is still a wimp, there was a saying he talks and and looks like a old-maid Aunt. It seems like the Senate minority leader Dino Harry Reid is still holding the Gavel. 
Little common-sense, Iran could have few Nukes already hidden somewhere. Considering they have been at it for many years. There are engineers Muslim included available for high salary and big bonus, to figure out how to hide and how to make it! Big show going on about that, what to you expect if you have for a State Secretary John Kerry and other un-Americans involved. 4star General and a former CIA Director David Petraeus involved in a lady affair and he did give a little classified info for her book she wrote. When to compare to our president, than Petraeus would be a 4star Angel. 
KBG agent Vladimir Putin is getting rid of opposition, B. Nemtsov was assassinated, he is not the only one. 
Business Corporations, Companies, Associations by big number like 379 are urging The United State Supreme Court to support same sex marriage. Either the Board of Directors of a Corporation believe that more than 50% are homosexuals, anything for a buck, or majority of them self's are homosexuals. No normal man or a woman will vote for the same sex marriage. Animals don't do that it's against their nature too, maybe if missing by accident. 
If interested in the list of 379 it's on Website: www.conservativeamericaonline.blogspot.com 
Denver Post and Pot smokers growing by the numbers were celebrating the weekend so called U.S Cannabis Cup, including free samples of pot in Denver Civic Center a Marijuana Rally. Regular cigarette smoking is not healthy, a heavy smoker could get COPD, lung cancer, or some other sickness, but no harm for others. The push has been on for long time to stop folks smoking, including the prize. The prize for a pack of (20cigarettes), you just get one for the money today. 
Amazing, how very little is going on against smoking Pot, result from that could be catastrophic and not to far in a future. Half stoned or stoned folks working, driving to work and than add the pot smoking to the Local, State and to the Federal Government and the White House, try to get out of that mess! In time there won't be many, who would care and know what happened, like why we are overpopulated, broke for good, under some sick one world Government, our democracy is history an so is the Constitution. 
The Dinos, Rinos, Cinos elected another Eric Holder for Attorney General, except this time it's a female, named Loretta Lynch. 

For a change good news from a Court, Colorado Supreme Court ruling that businesses can fire employees for the use of marijuana what ever the reason, or need. 
Army of Republicans going for the White House, mix of Rinos and Cinos, but miles better than Hillary, another Obama. There are 2 or 3 candidates that are for America and Americans, but they have to go without help from the Rinos Elite in D.C. 
Middle East situation and in Ukraine not doing well, we are losing again, how can you win if no leadership. Russia will add more ballistic missiles and improving, not like Obama, demolishing and demoralizing our Armed Forces. He is getting the help from our Congress, especially from our un-American Establishment in the Congress. No change when Rinos took over from Dinos last January. The House speaker Rino John Boehner helping Obama to lose more of U.S. Sovereignty, getting enough votes for the TPA, Trans Pacific Partnership. Only the Elite knows about the so called Obamatrade like the Obamacare, vote for it and you can read and find out later how bad it is. 
More anti-gun noise because the shooting in the Church, done by another very sick young man, no shortage! Take the guns away from the citizens so that thief's don't have to worry and the government and the president feel safer after all the un-American doings in Washington C.D. 
Vermont the first State to have a labeling law for GMO food, (genetically modified organisms) 5+ for a liberal State. Sorry to say that present day Colorado citizens voted for, no reason for labeling and lets all get stoned and poisoned. 
Confederate flag removal is planned from S. Carolina Statehouse grounds, anything to be politically correct. No second thought about, whatever the reason, but least 250,000 dead and the same amount got hurt or founded fighting under the Confederate flag. Next on line could be USA flag, you never know. Some school kids were in trouble already wearing flag shirts or waving flags, maybe offensive and disturbing to illegal aliens or tourist or to the socialist one World Misfits. Supreme Court voted again OK for Obamacare and voted for homosexual marriage. It's very important that the high officials in the Government, members of Congress, Judges, President and Vice etc., must have at least once a year mental and physical check up by a group of independent doctors and info open for the citizen. It will wash some bad apples out and less becoming bad. If it doesn't get any better, maybe we the people should ask our Soldiers for help, to put the house in order! Time to sing a song for the singing, marching, fighting soldiers.  

                Foothills in the spring.
One two three four, one two three four,                                  left right left right, left right left right,                                        we are marching soldiers and singing soldiers,                      we are singing now a marching song, I am a soldier,              to be a soldier, a fighting soldier,                                            you train and learn you train and learn till the time to fight,     I am a soldier, a volunteer soldier,                                           like all the soldiers, in the US armed forces,                           we volunteered, to defend our homeland,                               from the enemies, of the USA,                                                we will fight to save, the Constitution,                                  our independence and liberty,                                                 we will fight to cease, a foreign invasion,                                 we will fight to stop, a treason from within,                              we are the people, we for  the people,                                     so we will fight, to keep the land of the free,                            we'll give our life, to the homeland we love,                            the United States, of America,                                            one two three four, one two three four,                                    left right left right left right left right, left right.                                                                                          Thank you.                                                       
     I am a Soldier.
          A. K. Aloel
I am a Soldier.
James Holmes the mass murderer in the Aurora theater shooting in Colorado July 19, 2012, no death sentence, instead life in prison. Read a book. watch some TV, or write a book plenty of time and no worry meals are served. Maybe not tasty, but lots of regular hard working folks the taxpayers are not doing much better. Twelve Jurors and one not very intelligent, votes no and there you are. Seven no votes from twelve that would be correct in a democracy. Court cases like that will help to bring out more and even better planned mass killings mentally disturb or not. If a insane person planning a mass murdering and does the killing and that doesn't bother him or her! Why should that bother a insane person if he or she is told, you be getting deadly shock or needle or a bill later on! Maybe not, a State Governor feeling left out, millions of amnesty given for all kinds people bad ones included and me the Governor, should amnesty least one.                                                                                                   Everybody for President, why not if you know how to write your name, it comes handy, all the Executive Orders to sign. It used to be called a circus, but it's better circus than nothing at all.  We can't afford another Obama, like Hillary Clinton, or the other ten Dino candidates, one worst than the other. Wouldn't be to much better to have for president like Jeb Bush or several other Rino candidates in the game, better yes, but not enough to get out of the mess we are in. Three or four maybe OK but right now the candidate for the next president should be the Texas Senator Ted Cruz, intelligent not a wimp or a windbag. Born in Canada to a American mother, father Canada citizen now citizen of USA.   World closer to a natural born citizen than the anti-American Pino in the White House.
Refugees from unfinished wars like Korea, Vietnam most of them are good workers, learners and citizens. It's not going to be the same not even close with the so called refugees coming from Middle East and Africa. Woman and children, but also lot of them are men and many are true Muslims they will do, what they have to do. Add open borders and our present leaders, it can turn into a losing situation!                                                                           Second Republican Party debate the other day on TV channel CNN, another Circus, like it was on Fox channel. A democratic debate should give every candidate equal time to answer the same question and a important one. Three hours, half of it wasted on candidates going for each other throats bought up by planned childish stupid questions. People like to find out who to vote, to pick a intelligent patriot candidate from the group if possible. We need a president to lead and help us out from the mess we are in, not another loser, we have had few of them and of course the present one.                                                             Prisoners the terrorists in Gitmo jail (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) are maybe jailed here in Colorado or some other State! A group from DC will inspect the Cannon City and Florence prisons to make sure it's suitable for the gentlemen from Gitmo prison, like the TV is need of replacement, or toilet seat is not very fitting. Why bringing them here, found guilty of killing innocent people time to escort them to a nearest wall. No common sense, nothing normal coming out from DC!                                                         Third debate for Republican presidential candidates was staged in Boulder, Colorado. It got better after candidate Ted Cruz told the Panel to get down to business not playing around wasting time. Ted Cruz is not a wimp or windbag and intelligent. We need Ted Cruz or somebody like Cruz in the White House, it has been poorly run by most of the time, but right now it's treasonable!                                                                                                Congress  on vacation again and so the White House, this time it would be excusable, it's Christmas and New Year on the way. We have Paul Ryan another Rino for a speaker of the House in DC. Two thousand pages, nobody red, voted for more spending no saving and funding all, good or bad.                                       We have only one Party, no opposition a Dino, Rino and a Cino Establishment. It's no time to waste the real citizens have to wake up and  fight or lose the Country. Page 4 on this Website a song named " Wake up America", lets sing the song. It might wake up some, you welcome to use it.                                      We are already close being under control of un-Americans, one World citizens and other born misfits and of course an anti-American in the White House.                                                       If possible, it's time to enjoy a day or two, so have a nice Christmas.                                                                                      A Merry Christmas for all and have a nice, happy and lucky New Year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Click  page 8  Thanks.