Starting the year 2010 with a little luck, by one vote short they had to stop at least for a while trying to ram through a back door Health Care.                                                                                                       It's getting even more crazier, the Senate voted for Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve Chairman another four years to complete the Economic Disaster, like we weren't there already.                     Federal Reserve has to go, but we don't have enough real men     and women in Congress to take it up an get it done.                        The Economists the Experts didn't foresee nothing. Those crooks ruined our country and us the citizens, and they still at it.               Guys like Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and least dozen more from Federal Reserve. Then a bunch from Wall St., and of course Executives from Major U.S. Banks and from our honourable and corruption free Government. They all should be doing already       Hard Labor with a pick and shovel in a Salt Mine. If they can't take it, it's their own doing, good riddance.                                           To get out of the debt, it's going be tricky if ever!                             To Stop the illegal aliens and  their relatives overpopulating our country.                                                                                                 To stop the Amnesty for illegals.                                                       Work for the unemployed citizens, jobs in new Industry, producing not just service jobs.                                                               Government down to basic necessary size.                                     Stop importing immigrant workers, start exporting them and that includes illegal aliens unemployed or employed.                                                                      

A real Border Control, including a Fence.                                      A traitor is a traitor, a terrorist is a terrorist.                                   Lots of struggle, but we still have some democracy and it can be changed for better already at the next election. Lets hope the folks wake up before it's to late.                                                New Congress, New Government, and a new clear cut no bull   President. Proven natural born citizen and records from  the       Kindergarten to the present.                                                                                                     To have democracy and to keep it, one has to fight for it.             A democracy has to have some laws and regulations, just because there are always Misfits who are using democracy to destroy it.                                                                             More people than ever Lie, what ever the reason or no reason at all! Including in Business, in Government, in Media, etc.,       Then there is a man and a woman, telling each other few lies to get closer to each other, or just one is doing it, Maybe few lies later to get away from it all!                                                      Feel like singing a song, that the eyes don't lie, the same goes for a mirror.                                                                                The name of the song:    A mirror never lies.                                                               
A mirror never lies.
          A. K. Aloel
You told me you love me,               and I'm the on for you,                     you told me you need me,             that no one else will do,                   but all the words you said to me,   was just a make believe,                  I know I'm not the only one,             you've said these words before.                                                               Look in the mirror,                           and see it for your self,                   while you are saying,                       that I'm the only one,                       you'll see in the mirror,                     a pair of lying eyes,                         it's hundreds years old saying,        a mirror never lies,                         it's hundreds years old saying,          a mirror never lies.                                                                                    Now do me a favor,                         by leaving me alone,                         I would feel much better,                  as soon as you are gone,               you broke my heart,                         with all those lies,                            it never worried you,                       now I will part from all your lies,       no more I care for you.                                                                                                         
         _                                                                                                                              _                  
Refrain &   Repeat.
1st verse then refrain, 2nd verse then refrain, then once refrain just music, then singing the refrain once more.                                            Did you sing?  No or Yes!                                 Thanks anyway.
 _                                         First time only repeat.   _
Spring time in the Rockies.
With the spring came the back door Federal health care. 
You like it or not, but our Socialist Government and President or maybe Barry Soetoro, they found a way to do it. Good example, using democracy, to destroy it. A good health care for all the US citizens badly in need, but not this way.      More people are realizing we are in trouble, our Government over the years and especially now are not representing us the citizens, the regular folks. More people are voting as an Independent. Many are joining Tea Party. Getting involved organizing demonstrations to show the Politicians that the Citizens are not all fools.                                                        It's time to protect the Constitution. Reject the Cap and Trade and balance the budget.  Under the present Government, it  will never happen.                                                                                             The push for the Amnesty for the illegal aliens is on again.   The border fence is not getting build and the electronic monitoring devices to see and count how many are crossing the border from South to North are scraped. Let them come, illegal aliens, terrorism, drugs, the more the merrier.               No need to defend your country from invasion, if the plans are to go Global, or at first Mexico and Canada. 
It's time to fight, to defend your homeland, or your new homeland if you are a naturalized citizen.
There are more people with less common sense, moral,     patriotism, manners etc. One reason for that, must be the large population increase the mass immigration legal or illegal. People mostly Mexicans crossing the border to USA illegally, blessed by the Mexico Government.                     USA has every right to stop the invasion and shoot at the aliens in a case they don't turn around when well warned before. It is invasion, it's war, nothing to do with social justice or racism.                                                                           Most  of the illegal newcomers, couldn't care less about America. At the demonstration, waving their own flags and anti American signs, wanting special rights for them, while under police protection. Try to do that in Mexico!                 We do have some our own citizens that are supporting the invasion and our own Government and some business corporations, actually that should go under the Treason!       Many from younger generation don't realize who they are  voting for, not easy to know with all that propaganda. Times have changed, but not for the best. More and more of that crazier behaviour, crazier creativity that one can see and hear. Look around you, for example go to any store that sells greeting cards and have a close look!                            Music, if you can call that, I'm sure there are still professional songwriters around who could come up with a nice melody and with some meaningful words.  ( I'm amateur. ) Dress code is so casual now, that not many years ago a factory worker was better clothed and footwear at work. Women in pants, once in a while they should look in a mirror to see how it looks in the rear!                                                               Men  running around in shorts, or culottes, skort, what ever! To say guys, it could mean girls, lets call them men big or small they often nowadays jumping around, screaming, noicy at the games or whatever the reason, something is missing there and no buts about it.           Men often cry, is that in fashion now, or politically correct, or maybe the manhood is on the way out!                          Certain situations and circumstances with some people was thought to be not normal, is acceptable now, less and less is becoming abnormality.                                                           Cigarettes  are bad for you, so they say, but marijuana is healthy. It sure will be a healthy and wealthy future for the drug cartels.                                                                           Most of the Media is so out of touch, it seems like what they say or write must be coming from people who live and work outside the USA.  There are some people from media and others, they would even vote for communist, amazing how much fool one can become! Once the real communist the (sick ones) one has to be (mentally sick to be a communist) are in power, you the fool, you wouldn't be trustful enough for them and you would be a very lucky one to be still around! Even more lucky to keep working for the Government newspaper. Your new calling would be something like cutting old newspaper into pieces for the toilet use, because that time toilet paper would be a luxury.                                   Over 90 years of communism   - 19 years for the formerly forcefully occupied countries,but they are still under Communists majority. All the misery, mass killings, labor camps, beatings, torture, hunger etc. To some people it doesn't matter, because they are  incurable sick. That's where it comes from, once a communist always a communist.                                                                                                   We are getting a new Supreme Court Judge! Another beauty, very liberal, anti military, pro- homosexual and what else, with very little judicial experience. She could be the one, it's possible considering the present  anti- American Senate.       Power mad people, example half a Europe was forcefully  occupied by the communist Russia, some more than 45 years under monstrous regime. Western Europe being lucky was not occupied by Russia, thanks to USA, England, Canada and Australia. After a while early 1950 free countries in the Europe came up with trade agreements between them to keep in peace and help each others. Of course there was more to that, than free trade and love your neighbor!  The  European Union, the power over the member countries has been steadily steered towards Brussels the capital of Belgium, where the European Parliament is located.The latest law says they can overrule a member country Government  whatever pleases the Power Elite in Brussels. Nothing much matters, even communists are accepted to be members in the European Parliament, no wonder that the word of God is forbidden.                                                                                                                                   Religion,  it's amazing how many religious groups are in this world! There can be only one God in this wonderful and endless world. Written or unwritten tales and stories about God or Gods and the activities are man made. What does a man know, very little, but that doesn't go very well with many! Another example of power crazies, they have been multiplying  the list of religions over the years, to have power, by being the founders of the new groups. As usual, most of  them don't live up to, what  they are preaching.                                                                                                                      Maybe it's time to sing another song!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

With all the wonders!
                                     A. K.  Aloel
There is the sun, far high above,                      the stars the moon, around above,                 there's you and I, and billions more,                 a life to live, a world the earth,                         this is our world, amazing one,                         lets take good care, our home the earth,         this is our world, a wonder one,                        the only one, that's what we know.                                                                                                     As long as the sun comes up in the morning, behind the clouds we need some rain,              as long as the sun comes up in the morning, the sky clear blue a life needs sun,                    as long as the sun comes up in the morning,   with all the wonders above around,                 with all the wonders above around you,           should ease your worries and chase the blues, with all the wonders above around you,           should ease your worries and chase the blues.   
The Universe, where does it end,                     and if it ends, what is beyond,                            the Universe, a miracle,                                     there had to be, the one Supreme,                   don't try to change, to make a tale,                 or say you know, if you don't know,                   there is a God, not man made one,                    we here today, that's all we know.                                                                                                 Thank you.                                                         

12 seconds music only.
12 seconds music at first.
 DON'T  NO !
Lately, the Nature has come up with some disasters again, not much we can do about that. Man made like the oil leak could have been maybe avoided!  The safety system was not tested in the ocean like in 5000 feet deep. In that  case there are more than few people guilty. Why are we importing oil, spending our wealth what's left and danger our national security if we have plenty of oil, coal, natural gas and shale oil? It all can be produced safely, using common sense, discipline, controlled production and keep the power and money crazies out of it.   Even the green folks would come along, if not all the way. Realizing lately that the warming or right now cooling it's man made, what ever way you take it.                                                                                              For example, small country Estonia in North-East Europe was producing already oil and gasoline from shale oil in late 1920. Now 80 years later we don't know how to do it, or we don't have the will to do it! We all need least most of us, affordable transport, heat, light, food and the power for the future industry that would come with it.  American made Goods, how would you like that for a change!
So, we have another Supreme Court Judge, another one that should not be there! A Senate like we have at present, anything like stupid is possible and that includes The House and The White House. There must be more bad apples around than one can imagine! One of the reason must be the so called silent majority they sure have overslept, or in the mean-time  they might-have changed their ideology!  Must admit though, that some have woken up to fight to keep the Constitution unbroken.                                                          They say that Israel will hit Iran to destroy the Bushehr reactor before it goes active!  You bomb your neighbour, wouldn't that be a declare of war on Iran, without real excuse like it was in Iraq!                                                                     Communist countries like China, Russia, N. Korea and several more, not very trustful countries have Nukes and Chemical mass killers to blow the world.                                We stick our noses to many places and while doing it, we are losing  respect and making enemies.  USA has and is helping many countries and people all over the world.  If all the help worth much more than billions of dollars and then the men hours and it's not appreciated, why help, lets get our own house in order.                                                                               America had a lot of friends after the second world war and would have had many more. Thanks to the college educated socialist President  Franklin Roosevelt and cigar smoking brandy drinking Prime Minister Winston Churchill, we lost lot of everything.  Elementary school educated sick mass murderer Joseph Stalin got the better of those two every time.                                                               Because the second world war was never finished like knowledgeable leaders would have gone for, millions of people paid dearly for it and it's not over yet.                         The Atlantic Charter in 1941 signed by Roosevelt and Churchill was democratic and fair but it got lost after Teheran Conference 1943 and Yalta Conference 1945.                     Result, cold war, then China, then N. Korea and N. Vietnam became communist countries and more trouble and problems more killing and misery. There was one General George Patton who said we can win and it's the right thing to do. He was right, the  Red Soviet Army was in very poor condition and the men all over Europe would have joined the fight to get rid of Communism  not just only Fascism-Nazism. General Patton who was killed by an accident, so they say, but very few in Europe in that time who would have believed that it was  an accident.                                            It has been always a shortage of good leaders going back in history and that includes any country in the world. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens etc. Very few intelligence men or women have served these high positions going back centuries, result of that a mess a never ending problems.                                                                                One is born intelligent, it can't be taught.                                  Right now we have in Washington DC, the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court,   who are steadily demolishing and demoralizing their own  homeland and a President who could be a foreign born or not is doing his best to hurry it up.    
Autumn arrived and election time is closing in. The older folks go out and vote, if the legs willing, maybe better by mail.           Young people should do the same, go and vote and use your head, remember that Socialism = Communism, it's only good for the sick in the head!                                                                 Old trouble very few good Candidates to vote for. Need of a third party. For example like the Tea Party, history as old as our Constitution. Lots of good citizens are involved in the tea party and they are for a strong independent America.                        The Constitution party would be good, easy for the members to vote and the same for a Candidate who wants to be elected, just follow the Constitution.                                                 People often lie, but a politician, most of them are professional liars. That makes the voting tough, you don't really know who you voting for. Of course many people vote for the Party and it doesn't matter who the so and so is!                                       The jobs the economy is number one, there is a chance in the long run to make it good. If we have the right people in Washington DC and our business leaders are becoming patriots in the mean time!                                                         Immigration should be number one too, if USA becomes overpopulated and it will. Mass immigration and illegal aliens getting Amnesty, that will do it. Zero chance for a recovery and that should worry any normal citizen!
Overall voting leaned more to the right than left, in many States. Not in Colorado, appointed Senator Michael F. Bennet a Obama Democrat was elected, close but he won. We have now two Socialist Senators from Colorado, the other one is Mark Udall.     A homosexual Representative from 2nd District Jared Polis-D., was reelected.                                                                                             Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was elected for Governor in Colorado, he has four years now to make Colorado a Safety Harbor for illegal aliens like the City of Denver. Over 50% residents in Denver are from South, it sure helped him, John Hickenlooper to get elected.                                                                                             Another candidate for the Governor was Tom Tancredo a real man a good citizen and a patriot. Representing The American Constitution Party, he did very well, considering everything and he sure didn't get any illegal votes.                                                                                                                                                 In Nevada, Harry Reid was reelected, it's hard to believe! A  man like him, the damage he has done to America and they gave him another six years, instead of least six years hard labor.                                                                                                              Then the Hon. Mrs. Pelosi from the State of California, she will be elected as long as she cares or her health permits.               In California, something like a miracle has to happen to change the situation!  New York is not far behind.                                We shall see, how many from the newly elected will keep their word!?                                                                                             Some say they are Conservatives, they sure don't act like one. Who is a conservative, very simple!                                               A normal person,  intelligent, the common sense  comes with it and no loose screw anywhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Ben Bernanke the chairman of the Federal Reserve is printing money again, at full blast. Time for Gold Standard, was abandoned when Richard M. Nixon was president. Another guy who called him self a conservative, but far from it. Many of those around, in disguise and discredit to other real conservatives.    Lame Duck Session of Congress is on, they voted on tax, temporary 2 year stay of a higher tax rate, you could call it better than nothing. No change, we are 40 cents more in debt every dollar the Federal Government spends. Homosexuals gained, the fighting men and women where it counts, didn't get  to vote of course.                                                                                                 Filibuster kept the Dream Act off, the amnesty for the illegal aliens, least for a while. Very short hurray, Senators voted for the Start treaty 71-26 in a lame duck session something    important like that! We must have many unintelligent people in  the Congress and the White house,if not, then they must be un-Americans.                                                                                                 Another year is soon over, another one not much to brag about.        I  wish you a nice Christmas and a lucky and healthy        New Year.                                                                                                  Click  page 3  thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
 U.S. Citizens.