Year 2017 is well on the way, our new president Donald John Trump is busy signing executive orders and canceling former president Obama executive orders. He is doing more like what he was saying, hopefully he stays strong, to many crazy enemies. To get out of the mess, need of many more patriots than we have in D.C. and Court rooms. One Judge stops president Obama helping millions of illegals many anti - Americans and terrorists to stay here, another Judge is now helping to keep the invasion to our Country going. The present one should go under treason, there used to be a law about that. 

       Top of the world, got to get down somehow!
To Main Media and lot of people Obama was and is still a nice guy, where ever he came from or whatever he did, it's not a good sign about folks! To them, he never lied, he was good, but actually slowly but steady getting ahead at dismantling and destroying the homeland for the citizens of the USA. President Trump for the same people is a liar no good even if he is good. In Media, illegals are refugees and all are immigrants. An Immigrant was a person who had applied to come here legally, health check up more than once and a job and place to sleep, even pocket money if nobody here to help you. Waiting, most times for years and there are many legal immigrants, good future citizens of the USA, on a waiting list, right now.
As long we have Federal and many State Governments in all kind of corruptions and letting outsiders to run and lead our Government, can't say we have a Republic a Representative Government. It's their Country too a Homeland to be proud to walk on, not interested. Don't even know what to call them can't find a word strong enough. No repeal so far, it's from Obamacare to Rinocare, a no hopeless bunch. They had a chance to defund the Obamacare right at the beginning and work out a real health care for all citizens, why bother. Now they have another chance to repeal and get some brains to figure out something healthy for all, to much work to get it done. No wonder it's a endless mess our country is in.         Meantime we have another un-American Judge trying to stop president Trump to keep a eye on, who is coming to our Country. Not once a year I said earlier, but at least twice a year a person in a position like a Judge under oath, must have a compulsory physical and mental check up. Some of the judges are demolishing our constitution, that goes under treason also.
Except for few, we have definitely now a Congress of Dinos Rinos and Cinos in D.C. We have a president you like him or not, he is trying to better the situation we are in,but president Trump is getting a near zero help from the House members or the Senate. Most of them are(only me) no common sense because it comes with intelligence and they are missing that. When once in a while the Congress is in Session, for a out- sider it sounds and looks,like troupled Children Kindergarten It could be our Government is always under some kind of Cyberattack and under a messy situation, it would be a good excuse for them!
​The Bureaucrats are after more Tax and Power and are thinking and planning to get rid of cash money, it's much more controliable if only using money card. That would be the end of any privacy and freedom what ever freedom people have! The hackers will have a ball, using technology to destroy a good helpfull technology, another sick bunch. Like California State Government using democracy to help communist to gain power there.To be a communist one has to be mentally sick no buts about that and the same who helps them. The Liberals the Leftist the Media are helping Communism to grow in America, so it must be some jealousy over president Trump talking to a red Russia Ambassador. 
We have been doing business with China since Cino Nixon made a visit to communist China. Why not doing some business with Russia and wearing or using some goods made in Russia, instead all made in China! Also, we soon can borrow more money from Russia. Russia was, or is no less communist than China. That should please our left wing, but they are still lost, losing the last election. Communistlic Soviet Union collapsed because sosialistic economics just can't work out and last out. Once a communist always a communist, these sick people are still around. They haven't given up on Karl Marx dream of having one single Party leading the One World Government. There are lot of mixed up people with a short memory and younger folks are educated in Colleges by many little Karl Marxs, so why should they give up on the dream of a lazy crazy Marx. It will never happen, if we had more real Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives in our Government to give a hand to our president Donald Trump. And much less of these Rinos, Dinos and Cinos what a disgusting bunch of un-Americans. Citizens elected and under Oath doing nothing good, not even defending their  homeland, it used to be treason and traitors were lined up by the nearest wall, not anymore. It is no wonder, our Government has moved away from being a Democratlic Constitutional elected Government since 1950. Some say it's like a Circus in Washington D.C., some say it's a Kindergarten, and some more thoughtful say it's a mix up trash collection from 50 States, or whatever else!
            Spring is here.
        Good friend.
The Sunday Denver Post front page, Pot has seat in fatal crashes. The number of drives involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has risen sharply each year since 2013, more than doubling in that time. That is only the beginning and who has done the most advertisement and is the biggest propagandist for the Cannabinoid and future drug business, nobody better than The Denver Post. It's hard to get unbiased news from home or aboard. The so called news seems to be written and printed in some anti-American Country. TV New Channels are not much better, there are some websites one can look up on Online, news and info written by American citizens. There is one, a real good TV channel (OAN) One American News, 208 on the Century Link Prism. Local news, world news and if they didn't teach in school about American history and Constitution, you will pick it up on OAN. It is very bad enough if illegals and un-Americans burn our flag or don't get up when National Anthem is played. Now that our football players are trying to follow the very un-sportsman like and treasonable and real stupid undertaking. If the players and the NFL management  have so little understanding of the democracy and respect for their Country, go somewhere else. You can well afford, paid by fans and tax payers, pay and move to a little Island and do your sitting and kneeling there, we sure don't miss you.                                                            
Some guys in good positions and wealthy are lately in trouble with women. Some of it must be true, considering many men and women now days! Suddenly some women are realizing after 10-50 years later that they should have run for help and made a report on time. Instead of letting a man, if you can call him a man, to get the better of you.    Lets hope it's important, that president Trump can do a much better job getting things straighten out while traveling out side USA. Cino Nixon went to communist China made China communist a Capitalist and America in deep Debt. President Trump could use much help from Congress, but we don't have one, least a working one.    Every year the illegal immigration is costing taxpayers least 100 billion dollars, for that stupid spending we could  build a top security fence and gold plate it, our side only.                                                                                     Another song to sing, no harm to dry!                                                                                                                                
                                           A. K.  Aloel
          Our love is real.
I do not know you, I never met you,                              but I will meet you, if my dream comes true,                I'll get to know you, in my dream at  nights,                    I hope to meet you, in a sun bright day.                                                                                                                Sunrise, after night of star and moon light,                    sunrise, after dreaming of you all night,                        day light, I'll be there to be with you,                            day light, if today the day to meet you.                                                                                                                You even told me, in my dream last night,                    I  soon will meet you, in a sun bright day,                      no more of dreaming, when the dream comes true,      no more of waiting, when the dream comes real.                                                                                                  Sunrise, after night of star and moon light,                  sunrise, after dreaming of you all night,                        day light, i'ts today the dream came true,                      day light, it is real I'm walking with you.                                                                                                                Now day light, together to twilight,                                from twilight, together to midnight,                                from midnight, together to sunrise,                                no need to dream now, the dream came true,              our dream came real, our love came real,                    the dream is real, our love is real.
No other way, our Congress must have term limits or we will finish up some kind of a banana Republic, or could be even worse. Citizens should wake up, if you don't know, talk to people that have lived in a banana State or in a Country under socialist or communist Government.          Another year is ending, nothing positive from our Government or people in power, using democracy to get rid of it, it's on the way! Sorry, the Tax reform, nothing much to brag about it, we'll see. As long as president Trump keeps going and not giving in, there is a chance in a coming new year. For some  crazy and sick reasons the president has enemies and so many, lets hope for a lucky new year.                                                                                                                                                                        Time is getting on, maybe it's time to wish you all a nice Christmas and a healthy and a lucky New Year.