Year 2012 is on the way and hopefully goes well past the 21st Dec. Republicans don't have a conservative candidate again for the      Nov.6th. There was one being close, Mrs. Michele Bachmann, but no help from Republican party and short of cash. Worthless green paper still does the voting and even more now.                      Obama has to go, maybe lucky for the folks, he is not going to be a Candidate in the State of Georgia, comes November!                     A Administrative Judge Michael Malihi in the Fulton County Court-  
house has subpoenaed Obama to appear in Court Jan. 26th., to prove his eligibility to be a candidate for the president. If this is so, that would be the first time a judge in more than three years is man enough to take the case.                                                               We better wait and see!                                                                     It's in the Court record now, no respect for American Law, president Obama didn't show up for the Court hearing and so his Attorney. Supposedly, the attorney having nothing trustworthy to show, why bother. The Judge Michael Malihi will rule in Feb.4th.  It's news, but nothing so far in Mainstream Media.                                                                                                   Sorry, Judge Michael Malihi didn't turn out to be a man and a Judge to stay within our Constitution and defend it.  Disappointment for many good citizens. Under Oath means nothing.  It could have been planned from the start, a Muslim  helping Muslim! The Georgia Secretary of the State rubber stamped. So Obama is still a candidate in the State of Georgia.                                                                                                An appeal has been filed with the Georgia Superior Court!                                                                                                              Republicans don't have a candidate yet to take on Obama and so far none of them are real conservative, a patriot, and a man true to his word. Compared to Obama who has shown no respect for America and the citizens, even a Rino is a better pick.                     One for sure he or she will try least for awhile to slow down the 
​spending, borrowing, obamacare, globalization and might even​ get rid of some excecutive orders!  It's only slow-down, but it will give four years of time to organize a start of a American Party true to the Constitution, true to the citizens and Independence of the USA.
​Another 4 years of Obama or whatever the name or the citizenship, it happens to be, just can't Afford him!  The same word can't afford, will include the Government the one located in Washington DC.   It's getting late, to wake up!                                                             Let's ​sing another song, maybe it will wake up some folks!              Name of the song:  Wake up America.        

    Wake up America.
      A. K. Aloel 
Defend your homeland, the land you walk on,          it's getting late, no time to waste, it's time to fight,        to keep our freedom, stay independent,                       no U N land, no Global rights, in America.                                                                                 Wake up wake up,  America,    -         Refrain              the time is now, Americans,                                         wake up wake up, America,                                          it's time to be, American,                                              the treason within and from outside,                           it has gone on, to many years,                                    wake up wake up, America,                                         defend your home, Americans.                                    The citizens of the USA.          -                                                                                    Will close the border, no more invasion,                     a double fence, no illegals, we keep the guns,             we will return too, our constitution,                               no place for un,-Americans, in America.                                                                                                         If not singing, how about a little thought about it!        Thank you.
At the End, on the second time.
To follow the Court in the State of Georgia if president Obama is   ineligible to be president, he still is, you believe it or not.                Appeal to the Supervisior Court didn't do no good.               Another example of improper and illegal conduct and disregard for the law by the courts at present times. An Appeal to the Supreme  Court is the next step. The Judicial system is in treason when it comes to defend USA and the citizens.                                           The Russian top communist newspaper Pravda, in a article in      English was writing about if we have a president or maybe not?    They must be not worried not getting our seven Islands in the Alaska, from our State Department. In case there is a change in    USA for the better, that might put them out of a fantastic Gift.     We shall see how much the Georgia Supreme Court believes in our Constitution and in a given Oath.                                              Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse has done a good and fair job so far about Obamas ineligibility to be president.                      Need of a real Congress or a Court.                                         There is one Republican representative Walter B. Jones who introduced a resolution for Impeachment of Obama, it's not about  ineligibility.  It's about who is in power in USA, the US Congress, or the International Policy and Permission.
​            aleks12@q.com
The State of Georgia Supreme Court, the motion is hereby denied, given in the last day, no time to appeal to the US Supreme Court.  A taste of communism!                                                                     As time goes past, a president without papers, signing executive   orders bypassing Congress the legislative process.                        US Supreme Court leftist Justice Elana Kagan doesn't seem to recuse herself from the Supreme Court hearing on Obamacare.     She was Solicitor General for Obama and was involved with the   Obamahealthcare. If she doesn't recuse herself, by the law she should be Impeached, if we had a Congress!
​Court again, this time it's the US Supreme Court, is so called         Obamacare Constitutional, or not?  It's important, that everybody  can afford to go and visit a doctor or get medical care in a hospital when in need.  But, to lose democracy  over a undemocratic very costly healthcare and then to think that it was approved by our      honorable Congress!                                                                       If we have five intelligent Justices, we will keep the democracy and our Constitution as it is now, maybe long enough to change the un-American and the anti-American crowd in our Government! In June or maybe earlier we should know if our democracy hangs on, or communism keeps creeping in!                                             When or if Obama gets re-elected and four years of added flexibility, the un-Americans will have it. Obama has a chance, looks like a Rino is going to be the opponent. Except, there are strong reasons to impeach the president, or he is not eligible to be president! For that you need a patriotic Congress or a Judge or Judges. So far no Luck.

Downgrade of US Credit by the Egan Jones Credit Agency from   AA+toAA, it's not in the main Media.                                                The communist China and Russia are waiting and hoping that president Obama will be re-elected in November then they will have a flexible USA president to deal with. The two have info to make it tough for Obama before election, so little blackmail they good at it. China controls the Panama Canal Zone thanks to president Jimmy Carter and the Senate. Russian warships are welcomed now, to use the Canal and get acquainted and to think   a former naval officer J. Carter signed the treaty with a smiling face .                                                                                               Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve Chairman is warning Congress to do something about the Debt, like he has been a innocent bystander. Oh boy, we have some misfits in DC.              Nothing seems to bother our Congress or the Court!  New Jersey Judge Jeff Masin was not concerned when he was told by a president Obama lawyer Ms. Alexandra Hill in the Court, that Obama Birth Certificate he released in April 2011 is a forgery.        Case was denied again, it's up to the New Jersey Secretary of   State to decide Obama eligibility to be president and get on the primary ballot.                                                                                 So far, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican candidate for the president!" It is  a shame one has to vote again for the one, one does not like. But, it is very important, Rino Mitt Romney does not hate America or whites or blacks, of course   Power mad  like all of them.
Early Spring  2012
​Rino Mitt Romney seems to be the one if something  drastic does not happen. After the election patriots have four years to find a statesman a man of word and one who believes and follows our constitution and independence or a stateswoman the same and a New Party. Democrats are so far gone they should change the name to a Socialist party, some would even go for the Communist party. They sure don't know what they be getting into! Republican party the so called Rino party is no good either for regular good folks and for America, it's run by power mad and Globalist.                                                                                                       Situation has not changed, more debt to the tune of 145 trillion when adding pension funds etc,.. so they figure! Debt is  increasing 2.8 million per minute. In Colorado, the Metropolitan State College of Denver the Board of Trustees cut the cost of College for illegal-alien students by half, makes one wonder who pays for that!  Forest fires on again, 50 years old planes a dozen only to help the fire fighters. A billion or two from foreign aid, many don't like us anyway will pay some 20 years newer aircraft to help to put out the fires and money left to help and feed some children. Maybe to help some folks who lost their home to fire.                                                                                                             So it is, we have some communist in the Congress and the same in the White house. President Obama disarmanent, being nice to comrades and going for less than fifty fifty that's bad, anyway it's treason and leaks are included. Senate democrats and rinos are trying again to give U.S. Sovereignty by the way of Law of the Sea treaty (LOST) to the World Government at present called United Nations (UN).                                                                 Men and women have died and wounded fighting for freedom to  be free and and free from misery. There are people they have idea what freedom means, but to lazy to work or fight for it, exclude medical reason. And then you have the sick in the head, anything goes to take your freedom. It has been going on here also for a long time, lets call them communist, it began in a small way early 1900. After the second world war, someone was trying to do something about that, Senator Joseph McCarthy. The left was already organized and with the help from the other misfits, and regular folks not getting involved, even so most of them liked J. McCarthy a Senator from Wiconsin. So they got him for good, with more help from Liberal media and including some Senators, calling him witch and a nut. But, Joseph McCarthy was right then and would be a solid 100% now.                                                   Muslim Brotherhood under many names is moving ahead slow and steady, getting help from the West. Brotherhood Muslim Muhamed Morsi is the president in Egypt, the Generals are holding Fort. Maybe better as far as it's known, the Generals didn't send the planes to New York or DC.                           Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is playing with the economy again and before election. Some democrats do admit that president Obama is not eligible to be president, but the hell with the country and the people, we vote for the party. Similar to the Nazi and Communist party members, except they have to  vote, NO excuses.                                                                         U.S. Supreme Court poor support  for the State of Arizona and now the case of so called Obamacare, decision  Obamacare  upheld. We have now 5 and1/2 leftists, unconstitutional U.S. Supreme Court Judges in DC. Ruth B. Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, John G. Roberts the Chief Justice and the 1/2and1/2 would be Anthony Kennedy.            Mostly for selfish reason, but often it includes treason, the presidents, the Congress and the Courts using little by little democracy are demolishing our freedom and independence.         No strong word, strong enough to help ones feeling, but for the treason a cheap dose of medicine is solid enough.                        If a man does not have a open smile it's always a smirk, you better stay alert. Chief Justice J.G. Roberts would be a good example.                             
Flag waving Olympic Games, individual countries battle for the medals, not globalized yet. The US Olympic Uniforms not cheap and Made in China for the summer Olympic games in London, not very patriotic.                                                            Billionaire George Soros is bankrolling anti-American under-    takings for years now. Being a naturalized citizen his citizenship could be taken and some Bank accounts closed and one-way ticket out. It has happened to some others and they were not trying to change here anything like Soros and they did care for America.                                                                                       Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his private team has enough proof to get president Obama out off Office.  We need a true Constitutional Court or a Congress,to do it.       Hawaii under revised Statute Immigration Law, could become a National Security threat! Lets hope we have a election, comes  November!                                                                               Aurora, Colorado shooting in the Movie Theater another sick young man loose and playing his part in the movie.         Pushing for gun laws again, they actually never stopped.            Gun laws are good for protecting criminals, crooks, nuts and of course undemocratic Governments.                                           Olympic opening show in London, the first part was ok, life in the time of mostly farming, hard work, more simple and some enjoyment. Then it went bloody silly, but the end part was nice. As long as the young sport enthusiasts can have a good results from years of hard training, that's what makes the day for them.
The closing ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games the show part was silly again like the opening. Big change in every country even in  England. It takes only a life time to go from up to down, or from down to up!                                                             Americans did very good, 46 gold, total medals 104. Athletes worked, trained hard to get there. If our Congress in 2 and 6 year terms could just earn one bronze medal, that alone would be something. Next 6 month no spending cuts full funding, no bronze there.                                                                                 Wisconsin Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan a Rino is going to be the Vice President Candidate in the coming election, it could have been worst! So here we are, you have a chance to prolong the situation we are in and better it, least a little and make sure the next time around we have the right people to vote for.            If for some crazy reason you don't like your country and the regular normal citizens then you vote for Obama, if he is the Candidate!"                                                                                   The First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Aurora Medical Center in Aurora Colorado. The security cars and the vehicles the police escorting on motorcycles like 2 dozen, the protection the cost, it's maybe necessary in Afghanistan,(for years stupidly involved there) not in Colorado.                                                     
​Obama or Romney it's kind of very close! Obama who shouldn't be a Candidate, but so far he is and if elected he will use his flexibility to keep up the demolishing our Country. Romney is one not to much to brag about, but lets face it, Obama is going to be disaster if elected! Democrats are calling Republicans Nazis and Republicans are calling Democrats Communist, but they are close being one political party.                                                                 Meantime our economy is falling deeper into a black hole and President Obama by the Executive Order signs away our Constitution, Wealth, Independence and our Land. Obama gets away because we don't have a Congress and if we have, haven't heard anything from them!  Blue eyed Majority Speaker of the US. House, is a shame for the fighting Irish and Majority Leader of the US. House Eric Cantor is lost somewhere and so are most of them. About the Senate, forget about them, most of them must be un-Americans or communist, they follow the Ruler!                    Rioting Islamist protesters Sept.11 in Cairo Egypt attacked US. Embassy and US. Consulate and Safety house Benghazi Libya where 4 Americans were killed including the Ambassador.    Denver Post Colorado and many others in the Main Media have a new name for terrorist, calling them Ultra-Conservatives, it takes an Ultra-Unintelligent persons to come up with that! The radical Islamist and followers did attack the same time in other Muslim Countries, they didn't recieve enough Billions from the American tax payers. Do not worry, Congress already sending them more  Billions, freshly printed.  How can a Marine defend an Embassy or a Consulate if he can have a rifle, but No ammo!? It shows where we are already!                                                                                Back door Amnesty, another signed Executive Order by the Ruler. The first set of 72,000 illegal aliens are now in the procress, for getting better benefits and a Driver License and a fast Citizenship  for a bonus!  Vote for the big Government, if not, swimming across the River due South.                                            It sure has changed, it used to be, first of course the paper work, then medical check up, security etc,..Waiting list for regular folks, no business or close relatives in America, average 5-15 years.  Every Country had a waiting list according to the population of a Country, quota number for each applicant. Need to have a guaranteed job on arrival, a place to stay, money for 3 month the more the merrier. When the quota number came up for  the Visa, another complete check up, before ready to travel to a new Country a new homeland. Every year in January a newcomer had to fill a Card, in the local Post Office. If One did that for 5 years, clean police record, could apply for the Citizenship of the USA. Applicant was interviewed, one had know some English, some History, General basic knowledge and maybe like who are the two Senators in the State you live. If Joe Biden was a vice president that time, and one wouldn't have known his name, Biden would have called you a terrorist.                                                      Printing money full blast, Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke doesn't even know in seven years, what the word Reserve means! Federal Reserve the worst thing to happen to America 1913, very well planned by a bunch of smart crooks!                             Election is not far, there is some election fraud going on, it must be stopped, nobody wants to lose his or her vote. We are not yet like in Russia, where there was a large election fraud to get communist Vladimir Putin re-elected. Obama and his communist friends would like that, lets hope that least some Secretaries of States keep their Oaths!                                                            New York Board passes ban on Super- sized soft drinks, they even passing communist on this one!
Was early spring, now early fall!   2012
Somebody selling T-shirts with some common sense written on front of the shirt:  Apparently I'm supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Obama does with mine.                                                                                          President Obama can take America if re-election doesn't look to good for him, I hope I'm wrong! Another one of many Executive Orders #13603 signed by the President, (Congress not interested) will give him the power to take it all, so far no news!?                     Seizing, all Civil transportation.                                                        Seizing, all Food products, picked or growing.                                 Seizing, all Health products, everything.                                          Seizing, all of Energy, including candles.                                  Seizing, all useable water resources . Watch out.                            If you think your future is on the blink, no way out, then vote for Obama the no way out comes faster than a blink.                    Israelis are worried about president Obama is leaning towards Israeli enemies, they should be! Obama has said several times himself he is a Muslim and  Muslim comes first. He is showing this worship when (bowing) for  the Middle East Leaders. We sure have a wrong guy in the White House.                                           Debates are over, more propaganda  for another two weeks. The money spend could build several factories! Lot of people still go for Obama it doesn't matter who he is, or what he does.                      Not from left biased Main Media, but with little common sense one can come to conclusion that at least 50% of elected  and unelected officials should be far away from the Capital Building and 80% from the White House, to save democracy in America.                                                                                                                
​Hard to believe, that Obama was re-elected and there were plenty Americans to vote  for him! Four more years of anti-American Obama and his un-American crowd helping him.                                Third Party and it wouldn't be short of members, if well organized right from the start including Party with a short and well written constitution(inside the US Constitution) signed by joining members.  If a member steps to far from the Party Constitution then the member has to resign, the Party stays Original.                               Colorado is a nice place to live and this is bringing more people from other States who must be voting for Obama likes. Obama got the nine delegates and 51% of popular votes from Colorado. The democrats have the State House and the Senate, a homosexual as a Speaker of the House, all-together 8 homosexuals in Colorado State Legislative Assembly.                                                       Colorado voters approved an amendment legalizing recreational Marijuana use 55% yes 45% no. There must have been many Moms and Dads also, voting for the drug use. Already talking how much tax income for the State how much to charge and more Tourist coming for the Pot. It will end up the Beautiful Colorado will be named the Dope State, and with it comes more trouble than one can think!                                                                                              An example, how new people from other States and immigrants  legal or illegal and new generation has changed majority to minority. Look at the photo on your right. Colorado Flag what's left of it, faded and half, tattered all summer. North-East corner of a large shopping center in Littleton, CO. Seen by many thousand of people, no bother.                                                                               US Consulate attack in Benghazi Libya is coming up with more, including CIA Director General David Petraeus resigning from CIA. More about gunrunning Libyan weapons to the Al-Qaeda linked  Syrian rebels. So much and much more to come. Four more years with flexibility and revenge, there be a lot to investigate, some of it high treason. No Justice Department, No Judge, No Congress to take it on. President Obama is on the revenge already (we should be) locking up 1.6 million acres of oil shale, a Muslim helping a Muslim it's all in the brotherhood.                                                         I read about a teenager name Shelby a girl 13 years old in a small Farm east of Denver, plus doing other duties at the farm she is running her poultry operation. She has been raising chickens for both eggs and meat. Shelby is taking care of everything on her own, feed and water, maintenance, cleaning , and keep the  place warm. Collect the eggs, package the eggs. She pays $5 for each broiler chicken to be slaughtered and inspected and frozen. Sell the eggs, go to Farm market, Dad will drive, she pays for diesel fuel. She does the book keeping and pays the bills and makes a little profit. Early up to take care of her poultry business and then not to miss the school bus at 7.50, she is doing very well in school. I take my hat off in any weather for a girl like Shelby, would be nice if we had a full generation of girls and boys like Shelby!  If I'm still around when they are fully mature, I'm sure I could find a candidate I would really like to vote at the election time and my vote is count in and mark offs are original.                                                                                
Winter is on the way. 
If it's nice, it's nice to remember! Lets dry to sing again.
        I do remember.
    At the End.
  Thanks for singing!
​- Refrain
                   A.K. Aloel
​A neighbour told me 21st Dec. is already yesterday and he said to me have a nice Christmas. So it's time to wish you all, a good and nice Christmas and luck in 2013.                          
Another very sick young man and this time shooting young children in the Elementary School in Newtown Conn. Just looking at the picture of the young killer Adam Lanza one can see, he is a mixed kid, of course for the psychiatrist very little is not normal now days.  If they know or not, the Media is doing their best to have another mentally ill coming up soon with more killing and even faster when getting help from psychiatric drugs!                                                       Now more noise, take the guns from the citizens and kill the second Amendment. Ask a normal informed English citizen if the crime is up or down in England after the guns were taken from the citizens!         President Obama wiping a tear from his eyes when speaking, where there was none. He was elected second time, he has the right to think we are naive, fools etc., because he is pretty well doing what his intentions were and are. So far no one to stop it, right now there are lead attorney Larry Klayman and Orly Taitz and others and plaintiffs trying again to get Obama out of White House, several Court cases coming on! So far we don't have a Judge or a Congress, men enough to save their homeland for going under.                       Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is talking now about gun control. A Hollander said, the Governor is so called flying Dutchman, whichever way the wind blows and no principle.                                 Rigged voting last time again, no buts about that. It goes on in the Banana States, we must be closing in on that!                                 Nothing new, the Fiscal Cliff, we are over the cliff already and the  investigation of the killing in Benghazi is getting carpeted, to save some jail or worst to some.  John Kerry for Secretary of State, from bad to very bad.                                         
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You asked me if I do, remembering the day, the day we met,            the day that you and me, we did begin our love,  one can't forget,    you asked me if I can, recall some special times, in years gone past, those special times we had, together you and me, at times in past.                                                                                                                   I do remember, it seems like yesterday,                                              we met the first time, what a wonderful day,                                           I do remember, so full of memories,                                                    no lies between us, no broken promises,                                                 I do remember, together you and me,                                                  no one between us, it has been you and me,                                         I do remember, so full of memories,   -                                              ours is a real love, a lasting true love.  -                                                                                                            You  said to me today, that we have been in love, so many years,       you can't remember now, the last time when we said, I do love you,  just only words alone, can't make a love come true, it won't be love,  the feeling brings the love, that's what we always have,so many years.