Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya, no good news for a spring of 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama the lover of peace,(that's what he said before his election) authorizing to fire missiles and bombs to nock off Dictator Muammar Al-Qaddafi's air defence and air force, they  still at it. Declaring war and not a peep from our honorable congress, sorry they took a little vacation. They have been working hard how to save few billions, while our debt grows something like 4 billion a day! Plus another billon or two from the Obama Care 105 billion hidden dollars, that is outside of the legislative process.             Congress could stop the big spending, de-fund Obama Care and many other funds, but the Republicans now in the Majority in the House are short of patriotic leaders, with even a little bit of manhood in them.         
Dictator Qaddafi in Libya was ok, as long the oil was available, but the revolution screwed it up. It's going to be a mess there for a long time, lot of people will be killed or maimed. After Qaddafi, little dictators will run the Government in Libya, but there is a good chance the finalist and the winner is going to be Al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood!
The performance and the accomplishment by the newly elected House members so far is not even worth mentioning. Promising this fiscal year to cut spending of $100 billion, the cut was only  $352 million and this is from CBO (Congressional Budget Office). Rep. Representative Paul Ryans 10 year plan for the deficit reduction doesn't look good either, to many elections in between. The Communist Russia had 5 years plans, never worked! Most Democrats in the Congress are now Socialist and Republicans half of them are Rinos ( Republicans in name only) and the other half who knows!                                                          The man in the White House who ever he is, so far no proof, is planning a billion dollar campaign to get elected for a second term. Republicans, they don't have one so far, lets hope they don't pick another Rino. I would like to say again, it's time for a third Party.    A Party with a written constitution ( inside of the USA Constitution). A new member has to read and sign it, to join the Party. It would have helped for example, the Democratic Party not becoming a Socialist Party and the Republican Party to a Rino Party. The Tea Party members and supporters are the true American  citizens, they would be a good foundation for a Third Party.             
Spring skiing in Colorado.
The 43 Presidents of The United States of America, all of them   men. Not to many from the 43 that one can really brag about.                     It's maybe a good time to elect a woman for President, a mother a conservative, tough, but fair, no nonsense given no nonsense taken. Hopefully, it will teach some male candidates not to be a wind-bag and a wimp and it might put some manhood in them! Six month are gone, time for congress to come up with something like stop borrowing, stop stealing it's not your money.   Good example, Social Security trust fund has been in General fund since 1968 signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, another spender and nothing much to brag about. So far our honorable   Congress has spend the Social Security surplus, nothing saved. If president Obama signs the "Totallization Treaty" between U.S. and Mexico then millions of illegal aliens from Mexico will receive  more tax payer benefits, including Social Security.  A plain daylight robbery. The word, The Honorable front of name shouldn't  be used, they are devaluing a good word. So is the dollar, Australia and Canada dollars are ahead. The U.S. current balance account is the worst in the world, so they say! Defending your country your homeland the cost is never to high. The cost being in Iraq, Afghanistan and now involvement with Libya, is extremely high and nothing to show for it. No democracy over there, most of the people there will like us even less than before.  Finale, Muslim brotherhood shall be in power over there and they don't like us, because we are not Muslims and USA court is slow taking on Shariah Law and not many citizens reading Koran. We should worry about our own Democracy it's disappearing slowly, but steady.  Think a about this, since the second World War so far we haven't really fought to defend our borders our country, but the State of Colorado alone has over 66,000 disabled Veterans!  Add the other 49 States and then the dead and the wounded, something is wrong and how...!                                                                                       More debt, continuing Government spending US debt 100% of GDP (gross domestic product,( or close! Credit Rating from AAA to AA+ by S&P (Standard & Poor.) Considering everything it's not that bad. S&P has made mistakes before, but not this time.          
Communist China and Russia are getting worried, they might stop lending us more of our dollars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
China has collected dollars, since our intelligent president Richard Nixon rush to China. Another intelligent one, our vice president Joe Biden is telling the US citizens the Tea Party members and supporters are Terrorists. Homeland Security says watch out for suspicious American citizens don't worry about those that speak foreign language.  More tax for the middle class, fine print in the Obamacare, there is so much more. Obamacare will leave Americans less healthy with less freedom and much poorer.         
Get rid of it. They voted 2.4 Trillion more debt for a start, cutting the debt that part very few read, no three days to do that either, like it was promised. To get least partly out of the mess, it's a job for the full open Congress  not just a joint select Committee of 12 members in a back room with power. First of all, it must be unconstitutional. The full Congress should cut their vacation short and for a start discount their salaries and benefits and join the Social Security pension open and broke Trust Fund. No wonder it's broke, the Government has spend over 2.5 trillion Social Security money, stealing from working citizen over the years, folks who paid in, in  the hope to have little income in their old age. It is sick, done by the elected and sworn in officials. Next on line, abolish some Government Departments and disband some others and then stop the so called Bork barrel spending.                                                                                                             US Senate voted the first homosexual J.Paul Oetken to a Federal judge position.  A Lesbian could be soon the next one.                       Best Military Quote: When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional, and now it's legal. I'm getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.    
Riots in England, one reason definitely they have loose immigration laws for some time, people from many ethnic  groups already in the second generation plus newcomers. Whatever the reason you don't steal ( that they must have learned from the Elite) destroy property of others and then even brag about it.                                                         
Police officer the ( Bobby ) had night-stick and no handgun, now they have machine guns and are in trouble making peace!

  Up in the Rocky Mountains, or down  from the Mountains lets sing.                                                                                                                                  
Out of Iraq, another lost case considering everything. Lot of damage, lost lives, lost limbs and wealth and no less enemies. More cost in money and lives to protect American Consulates and Embassy etc,. Afghanistan would be next lost case, the sooner the better. Congress  in the meantime hasn't come up with nothing to be proud. Congress passed a Bill with it they changed a no sodomy in Armed Forces to OK. After folks telling the honorable Congress do you ever read before you vote, they changed. Now the sodomy is still OK for the men, lucky for the animals, they are safe least from the Armed Forces.

Much less liberty now, House and Senate passed a Bill including the US citizens can be detained like by the Military without warrant no court order or trial. Constitution is getting chiseled by steady chiselers, no let up. Congress postponing, very little is finalized. 100 watt light bulb is safe till next fall, pay roll tax same and unemployment payment extended till next February, maybe not! Republican candidates for the president are a mixed bunch, with poor history. If no new and better available, then it's time to help Mrs. Michele Bachmann. Republican Party including Rinos and the Tea Party should get on the ball and support her. She will get rid off Obama or whatever is name is, Courts and Congress is no help.                                                                                                                      Merry Christmas  and a Happy New Year.
Did you try it? If Yes, thank you. And if no, thank you also.                                                                             
Christmas time is getting closer and early in the new year we shall know who will be the Republican Candidate for the election of the president! Republican candidates have been participating in many debates. It has not been fair and informative enough about the candidates, because so far liberals have been running the show at the Debates. All the candidates Rinos or not, are better and more pro-Americans than our present president shall ever be. We have a president, that so far we don't know nothing about him.          The most steady, truthful candidate and a conservative so far would be Mrs. Michele Bachmann. It depends now, if Republicans will leave the Rinos behind and move forward, Michele Bachmann should be the candidate. Full support from the party and she will be the next President and the First Lady in the White House. Her husband I suppose would be called the Gentleman of the White House, badly in need there.                                                      Mean-time the Federal Reserve has been printing more green paper and giving it to someones in somewhere, like 2 Trillion record fast in the last few months. Thanks to Senators like Ron Paul, Alan Grayson, Jim DeMint and Bernie Sanders, the GAO (Government Accountability Office) did take up part Audit on the Federal Reserve from 2007 to 2010. Federal Reserve loaned at no interest 16 Trillion dollars (good bye) to Banks here and all over the world. Our honest and honorable Congress can't come up how to save a trillion or two in ten years.  18 Trillion dollars spend to cover their stupid spending sprees.  If the Federal Reserve for example was a Real Federal Bank under real honorable Government control, good chance we would have 18 Trillion in surplus. Why not, America is a rich country. They should have spend the money dividing 18 Trillion to 300 Million citizen of the USA, for each person 60,000. If I'm right, then a  large family could say, that least for year we are close to the 1%. Joke, or no, it's hard to believe, where we are now, but it has  been a down-turn steady for many years!                                                                                                    I wish you a nice Thanksgiving day, the best possible!                                                                                                           \                                                                                                 
                   A. K. Aloel

            High Country Love.
​The Rocky Mountains, across the Country,                              from the Northern border, to the Southern border,                      I've been to the Rockies, to the Rocky Mountains,                      due West from Denver, in Colorado,                                           I've seen four seasons, up in the Rockies,                                   from summer to the spring, or winter to the fall,                           I've seen and met some bears, I've seen so many deer,              I've often shared some bread, with my flying friends,                  some rain some snow some days, much more of sunny days,   high country scenic beauty, will help to make your day.                                                                                                                 In the winter time, up in the Rockies,                                            a white Christmas, at the Christmas time,                                   and then the spring, most of the snow will thaw,                         and the bears will wake, and the flowers will spring,                   the summer time, up in the Rockies,                                            so much to see, and so much to do,                                            then comes the fall, with all the colors,                                          the sounds the echoes, from the mating calls,                            soon will be winter, up in the Rockies,                                          the snow covered views, a Wonderland.                                                                                                                                     The Rocky Mountains, across the Country,                                from the Northern border, to the Southern border,                      when up in the Rockies, a full four seasons,                           you learn to respect, the life around you,                                     it must be love, high country love,                                               the respect first, that turns to love,                                               it is a love, high country love,                                                      the Rocky Mountains, high country love.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
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Year 2011 is on the way to 2012, nice to be around, but don't expect much from Washington DC in those two years. The Senate majority is still under Harry Reid and the likes.In the White House a President without a Birth Certificate! The Tea Party people and other good folks will have to work hard the next two years, there is so much cleaning to do.  Tragedy in Tucson Arizona, rest in peace for those who got killed and get well those injured by a young sick man. Jared L. Loughner should have been under mental care some time ago, but now days nobody is abnormal! President Barack Hussein Obama was in Tucson Arizona for the Memorial Service, instead of acting  like a President, he used a good part of the half hour for re-election campaign, how disgusting.  Somebody said Blowhard Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, it's very well said. He sure is nothing, compared to Maricope County Sheriff Joe Arpaio a patriot.  President Obama looking for votes from a State of Arizona a State   he and Attorney General Eric Holder and State Secretary Hillary Clinton the Administration and the other un-Americans are suing to stop Arizonians from trying to hold back the invasion from Mexico. To top that, our Government is asking help from the United Nations and from the International Court. Our Government supposed to be working for the good of USA and the citizens, instead of pushing for and agreeing for the Law of the Sea Treaty, One World Army, One World Police, One World Court, One World Government and Open Borders. Our Constitution our Sovereignty and Independence is in Danger, Nov. 2012 is a chance to change.                                         
Red carpet was rolled out to a communist, the present Red China  President Hu Jintao, how very sickening feeling for millions of  people and not much better for a billion or more!                               This is a result of having a Leadership in our Government and in the Business, made up fools and who worship the money. Human rights in Red China, Communist Regime would'nt be in power, if people were free with human rights. Corruption now is in full blast in Red China. The communist must have learnt something else from West over the years, that some lawless Capitalism would'nt hurt them and it has not so far. Many Billonnaires and many Millionaires, can they avoid and restrain a Billion and more suppressed poor! It's to late then, to go back being a not so rich communist.
We should worry about and be on guard here too, the push is on for ID cards, excuse for that is illegal aliens.                                         Our Democratic Government is trying to get rid of, so called Conservative talk on the Radio and TV and that's not all, far from it!                                                                                                          NFL Football Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay Packers 31 Pittsburg Steelers 25. Good Game and Show. If one can forget the halftime nutty Show and the singing of the National Anthem! Makes one to wonder, if there is a purpose in this, the way the so called singers are picked out to sing the National Anthem!  A National Anthem in nearly any Country, is the most important song. It's definitely nothing to do with Opera to Chamber, Country to Gospel or Rock to Rap. Our is a powerful Anthem, the words are not easy, written long time ago and was not written to be a National Anthem. Not easy to sing, when the lead singer is out of tune, tempo and some words.  This morning 02/08/11 first time I read that the Internal Revenue  Service decided not to mail out Tax Forms, this year because most people file on online. It was in the Denver Post, I haven't seen on TV  or received info in the mail.  Who cares, the Czars didn't get many votes from the old.                                                              Time to sing a song.  Just one more time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
So many long days, so many long days,                   and restless lone nights, and restless lone nights,        since we departed, since we departed,                         when we said good bye, when we said good bye,       to go our own way, to go our own way,                         to take a journey, to take a journey,                              to see the wide world, to see the wide world,                where the rainbow ends, where the rainbow ends.                                                                                              Just one more time, just one more time,                       to be with you, to be with you,                                       just one more time, just one more time,                        just you and me, just you and me,                                 if one more time, if one more time,                                could be with you, could be with you,                            it could begin, it could  begin,                                      a lasting love, a lasting love.                                                                                                                                The years have gone past, the years have gone past, I've seen some fast world, I've seen some fast world,  I'm on the short road, I'm on the short road,                  on my way back home, on my way back home,             
I have to hope now, I have to hope now,                      your longing for home, your longing for home,          
​the homeland we love, the homeland we love,
it should guide you home, it should guide you home.​

         Just one more time.
A. K. Aloel
Lead singer, the partners will sing the repeats, or the singer.
Sing the sentence, the music repeats. Sing the next sentence the same words, the music repeats. Then the next line etc., till the end of the Refrain.
Did you try to sing, I hope so!  Thanks.